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    Nova short-listed for coveted ICAD creative award

    Great news for us at Nova Towers this week as we have been short-listed in the ICADs in theĀ ‘Outdoor’ category for one of recent 48 sheet campaigns.

    Specifically, we’ve been short-listed in the ‘Outdoor Poster Campaign’ group, alongside Digicel, Dublin Free Wifi, Dublin Does Fridays, Powers Whiskey and Publicis Engage.

    Our campaign involved four different pieces of creative, all highlighting Radio Nova listeners who were addicted to different songs on the Nova playlist. We had 1. Fiona, who was addicted to Sex on Fire, 2. Mark, addicted to Pink Floyd’s Money, 3. Ciara, addicted to Whiskey in the Jar and 4. Brian, addicted to Brown Sugar.

    The short-list is available here

    The winners will be announced at the ICAD Awards tomorrow evening.

    Fingers crossed..!


    Radio Nova ICAD Award

    Fiona – Addicted to Sex on Fire on Radio Nova

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