Radio Nova Records Another All-Time High in JNLR

Radio Nova has recorded a further All-Time High in its listenership figures in the JNLR radio ratings. The station has increased its daily and weekly listenership to 89,000 and 175,000 respectively, with a jump in market share to 5.3% in its Dublin Commuter Belt franchise area. This increases the stations’s numbers from 82.000, 172,000 and 4.7% as recorded in the December 2021 JNLR. *

The station has also seen increases in its key shows with 42,000 now listening to its ‘Morning Glory with PJ & Jim’ breakfast show, a year on year growth of almost 190%.

In the competitive Dublin market, Nova has increased its market share to 5.7%, where it has now passed out rivals Q102 (5.3%), Today FM (5.5%) and 2Fm (3.5%). **

CEO and Programme Director Kevin Branigan said, “We’re ecstatic about the listenership figures today. We’ve worked very hard on our programming, music and content over the 12 months and it’s gratifying to see this coming through with these really strong listenership figures”.

The latest figures come after a busy year for Radio Nova. The station announced in January that it had appointed radio strategists Liam Thompson and Dave Kelly as executive consultants to Nova and its sister station Classic Hits Radio. The two stations subsequently swapped breakfast shows with PJ Gallagher & Jim McCabe moving from Classic Hits to Nova and Colm Hayes and Lucy Kennedy moving to Nova.

* JNLR/Ipsos MRBI – 2021/4 May-Dec 2021. Dublin Commmuter Belt
** JNLR/Ipsos MRBI – 2021/4 May-Dec 2021. Dublin City & County

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