The Radio Nova ‘Supernovas’ win IAPI Ping Pong

Congratulations to Radio Nova’s Agency Manager Garry Blair and Radio Nova presenter Johnny Bowe who took the Ad world by storm last Thursday at the IAPI Ping Pong War tournament.The IAPI Ping Pong War was held on Thursday July 3rd on Lad Lane in Dublin 2 and is the sporting event for all ad agency and creative people in the industry.

The Radio Nova ‘Supernovas’ took to the ping pong table with lofty ambitions and after Johnny Bowe got over the fact the rules were ‘different’ to what remembered, he turned it to his advantage in Round One.

Together with his stealthy partner Garry,  they put up tough competition for their opponents from  PHD Ireland and stole the round.

Having fuelled up on hotdogs and (lots) of mustard, the Dynamic Duo got serious and went from round to round destroying everything in their path.

Garry with his Blue Steel determination and Johnny Bowe with the nonchalance of a real pro, this team was out to win! They even refused the glasses of Pimms that were being offered (we thought they were delicious). It wasn’t, however, until the semi finals that Johnny brought his balls to the table. Literally. Telling us that  the other balls were ‘not bouncy enough’ was lost on us non-sporty types. Out came the bright orange balls (no messin here) and straight through to glorious victory of the tournament!

Well done to Garry, Johnny and his Balls.

We sure are proud of the four of you.

Next step – world domination 🙂

Victorious at IAPI Ping Pong


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