The Shamrock Referendum - Deciding the Best Irish Artist Ever - on Radio Nova

Radio Nova Announces ‘The Shamrock Referendum’!

As we approach the dawn of another St. Patrick’s Day, we think about the brave soldiers that have gone before us into battle! The shots fired, communities torn apart, in the quest to answer the age old question – ‘Who is the best Irish artist of all time?’

Listeners can nominate their favourite Irish artist on 087 1818 100 and then listen and vote in the daily heats at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm as we build up to the quarter finals on  Wednesday 15th March, and the semi-finals at 10am and 12pm on Thursday 16th – all leading to the Grand Final at 4pm on Thursday 16th.

It’s The Shamrock Referendum – all this week on Radio Nova!

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