Radio Nova hits 226,000 listeners - all-time high

All-Time High Daily Reach, Weekly Reach & Market Share

The champagne bottles are being uncorked at Radio Nova as we celebrate our all-time high daily reach, weekly reach and market share. The latest JNLR (2024.1) shows that Nova has surged ahead, once again, with 226,000 weekly listeners, 122,000 daily and a prime-time market share of 7.1% in its franchise area of Dublin Commuter Belt.

The last numbers are the 8th consecutive JNLR survey that has showed growth for the station. The current stories also show growth in all its daytime radio programmes.

In the competitive Dublin area, Nova now sits on 7.2% market share, putting it a mere 0.2% share behind FM104, the long-standing number one music station.

Chief Executive/Programme Director, Kevin Branigan, said, “Today’s JNLR shows Nova growing yet again, with an astounding two hundred and twenty six thousand listeners tuning in across Dublin and the commuter belt. All of our daytime programmes have grown by thousands of listeners and our share of radio listening is the highest it’s ever been. We never forget that we owe it all our listeners – both new and existing. Thank you to everyone in Dublin, Kildare, Meath and Wicklow – and further afield – for listening to the one and only Radio Nova.

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