NOVA Celebrates 5th Birthday with 'The Big 5'!

NOVA Celebrates 5th Birthday with ‘The Big 5’!

Radio NOVA has celebrated it’s 5th birthday by promising listeners ‘The Big 5’ during September, which the station has designated its birthday month. ‘The Big 5’ represents five announcements that the station will make to listeners to mark its birthday over the course of the month.

NOVA kicked off the month yesterday by promising that its long-running ‘NOVA Noise’ competition would be won this month. The station has been ramping up the NOVA Noise giveaway over the past three weeks with weekly clues, making it easier and easier for listeners to guess. The current NOVA Noise has been running for 30 weeks, with the jackpot now surpassing €7,500. The station will award the money, in cash, to the first listener that guesses the Noise and it guarantees to continue supplying clues to the description of the Noise as the month progresses until the Noise is guessed.

NOVA has now promised 4 more announcements during the month of September, which will make the month an exciting one for its 143,000 listeners.

NOVA’s Kevin Branigan said, “5 years on air is a huge milestone for us and we’re celebrating big-time. We’ve a few things up our sleeves this month to thank our listeners for their support since we launched. NOVA will definately be THE station to listen to this month”.

NOVA launched on 1st September 2010 amidst a blaze of publicity and it has enjoyed high top-of-the-mind awareness since then. The station broadcasts a diet of guitar-based music to Dublin, Kildare, Meath & Wicklow and broadcasts on 100.3FM.

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