NOVA Launches 20:20 Sport!

NOVA Launches 20:20 Sport!

Radio NOVA is set to launch ’20:20 Sport’, a new feature on the station on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. NOVA’s aim is to give more accurate, up-to-date sports results at the weekend. The new initiative will feature comprehensive sports updates every twenty  minutes by the station’s new recruit Gareth O’ Connor every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

The move happens after NOVA stated it intends to beef up its weekend sports coverage in line with recent feedback from its listeners.

“We’re excited about this development in our weekend schedule. With 20:20 Sport, we’ll be able to give fast-paced, up-to-date sports results from all sports across the weekend “, said NOVA Assistant Programme Director, Clint Drieberg.

20:20 Sport will commence this Saturday on Radio NOVA.

NOVA broadcasts a diet of guitar-based music to Dublin, Kildare, Meath & Wicklow. As of the most recent JNLR, the station has 150,000 weekly listeners.

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