Radio Nova Surpasses 200,000 in Latest JNLR

Radio Nova Surpasses 200,000 listeners in latest JNLR Survey!

Radio Nova has recorded its highest listenership by far in its 13 year history in the latest JNLR survey.

The survey, which covers the 12-month period up to end of September 2023, shows that Nova has broken through the 200,000 listenership level for the first time, with 201,000 weekly listeners, an increase of 11,000 oin the past three months. The station has also recorded its highest daily listenership at 109,000 (+6,000) and market share of 6.5% in its franchise area of Dublin Commuter Belt and 6.3% in the competitive Dublin marketplace. *

One in seven people in the Dublin Commuter Belt now listen to Radio Nova every week, say station bosses.

Chief Executive and Programme Director, Kevin Branigan, said, “These latest ratings are unimaginable for us at Nova and to know that 201,000 people, one in seven, now listen to us every single week, is genuinely the stuff of dreams for us”.

Radio Nova broadcasts to Dublin city, county and commuter belt on FM and nationwide online, mobile apps and smart speaker.

* JNLR/Ipson MRBI, 2023-3, Dublin Commuter Belt.

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