Bruce Springsteen joins Radio Nova!

Bruce Springsteen joins Radio Nova!

Bruce Springsteen is joining Radio Nova! The superstar will present a new weekly 90-minute show called “From His Home to Yours” every Thursday evening at 7pm beginning August 20th.

In the new show, ‘The Boss’ will play records from his own personal collection and share his thoughts and stories, direct from his home in New Jersey exclusively on Radio Nova in Ireland. It’s the perfect music marriage!

“I’m am here to wish you well and to play you some songs that kind of work with the times that we’re living through,” says Springsteen.

Radio Nova CEO, Kevin Branigan said, “When we told listeners we were getting a new Boss I got a lot of worried calls and messages, so I’m happy to finally confirm this news today. The signing of such a huge artist as Bruce Springsteen is a mind-blowing coup and comes as we approach our 10th anniversary on air. I wonder if our newest presenter might sing us ‘Happy Birthday’ on September 1st? We’ll see!”

“I am one of Bruce’s biggest fans. I’ve seen him so many times live and now I’m going to share a microphone with him. This is a career highlight no doubt!” said Colm Hayes, Radio Nova Programme Director and Breakfast Show Presenter.

Upon making the announcement on “The Colm and Lucy Breakfast Show’”, Lucy Kennedy said, “I was slightly disappointed when I heard ‘The Boss’ was joining Radio Nova. I thought he was going to be my new co-host. “The Boss and Lucy Breakfast Show” has a nice ring to it. Welcome on-board Bruce!”

In the first show, the Rock N Roll Hall Of Famer picks tracks from Roy Orbison, Don Henley, Bon Jovi, Morrissey and many more. In later episodes Springsteen even dedicates a song to the U.S President Donald Trump by saying: “I’m going to start out by sending one to the man sitting behind the resolute desk. With all respect, sir, show some consideration and care for your countrymen and your country. He adds, “Put on a f***ing mask. This is Bob Dylan with ‘Disease of Conceit’.”

Radio Nova broadcasts on FM to Dublin, Kildare, Meath and Wicklow, as well as nationally on the Nova App, and the Irish Radio Player. Springsteen’s new show will be available to listeners across Ireland on Nova’s FM and digital platforms.

Catch “The Boss”, Bruce Springsteen “From His Home to Yours”. Thursday nights at 7pm and Sunday mornings at 9am starting on 20th August only on Radio Nova.

More information:
Colm Hayes, Programme Director 087 246 2643 or [email protected]
Clint Drieberg, Assistant Programme Director 083 189 7892 or [email protected]

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