Radio Nova Launches Nightly World Cup Extra Programme

Football hard-man Vinnie Jones tells Radio Nova presenters Roddy Collins and Con Murphy that Germany will win World Cup 2014

Jones tells listeners about his regular sing-songs with Robbie Keane and his party antics with Radio Nova favourite Slash from Gun’s n Roses and Ryan Seacrest

Speaking on ‘World Cup Extra’ on Radio Nova last night, Vinnie Jones, live from LA, told presenters Roddy Collins and Con Murphy that he believes Germany will go all the way in World Cup 2014.

Jones, more recently known for his roles in films like Snatch, Mean Machine and X-men, turned out for teams like Leeds United, Wimbledon and Chelsea during a career which saw him become a cult hero in football. Vinnie said that although he wasn’t a fan of the German’s style of football, preferring the flair of the South Americans instead, he expected Germany to win the tournament.

Vinnie told Radio Nova listeners about the regular sing-songs he has with Irish striker Robbie Keane and how he got thrown out of Beverly Hills with the LA Galaxy striker. Jones also claimed that when Manchester United played against Wimbledon, Roy Keane used to stay in the dressing room!

Vinnie said that he threw a party for the recent England V Italy game, and guests on the night included the likes of ex Guns n Roses guitarist and Nova favourite Slash as well as US radio jock Ryan Seacrest. Jones, who is good friends with Radio Nova’s Roddy Collins, also reminisced about his times in Dublin, where he socialised with Roddy and once left a hot tip, with the whole bar heading to the bookies next door for a punt – a bet which came good for them at a price of 16/1.

World Cup Extra is a nightly phone-in show on Radio Nova and Roddy and Con encourage listeners to share their views, while also offering their own lively commentary and analysis of the latest action. World Cup Extra is fast-paced, entertaining, informative, and, with Roddy Collins on board, the show is never ever dull!

 Speaking about Vinnie’s interview on Radio Nova, Roddy Collins said: “When Vinnie has a party, he has a party. It doesn’t go on for one day; it goes on for two or three. He still loves football despite the fame; it hasn’t gone to his head. It was great to have him on Radio Nova and give his views because he is such a football fan”.

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