Radio Nova Opens The Vinyl Vault with Des Kelly Interiors

Radio Nova Celebrates Vinyl with The Vinyl Vault

Vinyl Lovers – it’s time to celebrate vinyl, the classic music format that’s enjoying a a remarkable renaissance around the world! From this week, Radio Nova is breaking open ‘The Vinyl Vault’; and we’re taking numerous classic albums out of their sleeves, dusting them down and powering on the turntables at Nova Towers. We’re going to take the world’s greatest music and make it even MORE seriously addictive by letting listeners hear the greatest classic tracks the way they were made to be played – off vinyl.

After all, we’ve enjoyed over 70 years of music on vinyl; classic, life-changing, influential music that we couldn’t live without. Albums mean different things to different people – but there is no denying the huge impact they’ve not only had on our lives and there’s no better way to celebrate that to play them off classic vinyl. Though we have an almost endless supply of music at our fingertips these days through digital streaming, vinyl is a physical media for experiencing music; something tangible to hold and own. The nature of streaming is transient—we buy access to music, but we don’t actually own it. For many, having something tangible and interacting with it gives depth to the experience of music. Records are physical products that can be displayed, gifted, shared, traded and being the centerpiece of your music collection at home.

Radio Nova’s Vinyl Vault will be opened across the day, seven days per week and it’s all with thanks to Des Kelly Interiors, leading specialists in all types of carpets, wood flooring, vinyls and Irish-made beds

Radio Nova’s Sales Director, Garrett Gunnigle, said, “We’re delighted to be teaming up with Des Kelly Interiors on this exciting feature, which will resonate very well with our 25-54 year old listeners. Statistics show that one in five of all albums purchased in the UK is now vinyl. While vinyl records have for some time been associated with middle-aged people with a nostalgic affection for LPs, research shows that the main driving force behind this vinyl revival is actually millennial and Gen Z consumers. Around half of those buying vinyl these days are under 35, and young people are spearheading the modern rebirth of this traditional, great, medium”.

The Vinyl Vault starts, with Des Kelly Interiors on January 6th, on Radio Nova.

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