Radio Nova Highest Market Share JNLR

Significant Gains for Radio Nova in JNLR

Radio Nova has recorded it’s highest JNLR figures to date, with the station now passing out rivals FM104, 98FM, Q102 and 2FM in market share in Dublin. The ratings cover the 12-month period up to end of September 2022 and show that Nova has scored it’s highest market share in its 12-year history, with 6.6% share in Dublin city and county. *

CEO & Programme Director, Kevin Branigan, said, “These latest figures are astounding for Nova and represent a seismic shift in radio listenership in Dublin. For the first time, we’ve passed out FM104, which was the number one radio station in Dublin for almost 25 years, in market share, as well as 98FM, Q102 and 2FM. It’s a ground-breaking result for us and represents a momentous shift in listenership patterns in the city”.

Source: JNLR/Ipsos MRBI 2022.3. Dublin City & County, Market Share 7am-7pm.


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