Making Radio Clickable: Nova and Packed.House collaborate on Irish Media first with Shazam

Making Radio Clickable: Nova and Packed.House collaborate on Irish Media first with Shazam

Radio Nova and Packed.House, which is the ad solutions representative of Shazam in Ireland, have announced a media collaboration designed to make radio clickable by promoting digital interactivity amongst radio listeners.

The initiative will involve creating a seamless radio to mobile experience for music fans over three weekends. Supported by a 360-media mix of digital, radio and DOOH, the collaboration is aimed at driving interaction and engagement amongst Nova’s 147,000 listeners in the Dublin area. Creative assets produced by Packed.House’ studio will live across multiple digital screens on and offline.

It is the first time that Shazam has worked on such an initiative in Ireland.

Concert promoter Aiken Promotions will participate in the campaign, which will promote its upcoming Rolling Stones ‘No Filter’, Billy Joel and Paul Simon’s ‘Homeward Bound Farewell’ shows, expected to be the big shows of the summer.

Key music tracks will be ‘Shazamable’ throughout the weekend, encouraging Nova’s highly engaged listeners to instantly link to a mobile experience to win tickets. Upon Shazaming, listeners will be instantly linked.

“Shazam’s audio recognition technology can make any recorded material ‘shazamable’, linking listeners to any digital url seamlessly, enabling them to engage longer through deep, dynamic content. It can connect our listeners to a dynamic mobile experience with a single touch of a button”, says Kevin Branigan, CEO of Radio Nova.

Eavan Finucane, Shazam Product Lead at Packed House said, “Shazam users love radio with 88% of users listening to radio every day. A collaboration with a mainstream media brand like Nova allows Shazam to demonstrate the versatility of the technology, and how the app can act as a portal to digital for all other media such as TV, OOH, radio and print. ”

The collaboration was the brainchild of digital media company, Packed.House, and is being supported by a cross-media campaign of digital through, DOOH through Wide Eye Outdoor and Radio Nova.

Tune in to Radio Nova this weekend to participate.

About Radio Nova
NOVA broadcasts a diet of guitar-based music to Dublin and the commuter belt counties of Kildare, Meath & Wicklow.  Featured artists include The Killers, Coldplay, The Kings of Leon and the Foo Fighters to David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac. The station has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2010, with the most recent JNLR ratings giving it 148,000 listeners throughout Dublin, Kildare, Meath & Wicklow.

About Packed House

Packed.House is digital media company, that owns and operates Irish websites;,,, and .  Packed.House represents national and international publishers in the Irish market. Representing new global solutions on behalf of Shazam, Oath, BBC, Vice and more gives Irish brands access to a broad range of new and innovative advertising solutions.

About Wide Eye Media

Wide Eye Outdoor is Ireland’s largest targeted Digital Out Of Home network. Providing a network of dynamic Digital Out-of-Home advertising & engagement solutions. With screens Nationwide across Cinemas, Shopping Centers, Pubs, On Street, Gyms and Car Parks. Wide Eye Outdoors’s solutions are in environments with significant dwell time, so the audience gets to see, absorb and interact with the messages for longer. The network allows clients to be more innovative with their creative offering flexibility to deliver timely messaging and niche targeting.


Eavan Finucane, Client Strategy Director, Packed.House
Kevin Branigan, CEO, Radio Nova
Megan O’ Riordan, Commercial Officer, Packed.House
Eoin O’ Connor, Commercial Director, Wide Eye Media

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